Get your claim submitted and processed fast

It only takes a minute to submit a Petplan claim because you should be cuddling with your best friend, not caught up in paperwork. All it takes is a few steps:

1. Get your paperwork together

All claims require two things: your pet’s medical records (exam notes, lab results and any other checkup information) and a paid itemized invoice from your vet (a detailed paid bill tied to your claim).

If it’s your first time submitting a Petplan claim, we won’t be able to process it without medical records from your pet’s annual health checkup. Medical records show us that your pet’s accident or injury wasn’t a pre-existing condition. So, if your first vet visit after enrolling is for an injury or illness, we will not be able to cover it without proof they were healthy before the accident.

When submitting a claim for an ongoing treatment (like allergies, prescription refills or a chronic illness), make sure you select “Ongoing treatment” instead of “New claim.” In this case, we only need your invoices since we’re already familiar with your pet’s condition.

2. Log into our portal or app to submit your claim

Just a reminder, we only cover accidents and illnesses. So, if you file for a wellness checkup or routine care, we will not be able to approve your claim. And, if you are new to Petplan, it’s important to know you can’t submit a claim within 15 days of signing up (or they’ll get denied) — this is called a “waiting period.”

Log into your account in our mobile app or the member portal on our website. (You can find the member portal under "My account" at the top of the Petplan homepage.)

If you want to check the status of your claim, you can do so on the app and member portal. We’re in the process of updating this feature to give a more detailed claim history — stay tuned for this rollout on our app and website.

To submit a claim on our app, go to “Claims” and then click “Submit a claim.” From there, you’ll fill out and submit your claim form. Now, your claim is ready to be processed by an adjuster.

3. Get reimbursed

Next, your claim will be assigned to an adjuster within 24 hours — they’ll let you know if we need anything else to submit your claim. If your claim is approved, we'll let you know how much you’ll be reimbursed. (Don’t forget to add your debit card for digital reimbursement!) If your claim is denied, we’ll send you details on why. The overall process takes about 15 days. Make sure that we have your email and cell phone number on file (you can add them in the app) for these claim updates. You can check the status of your claim anytime in the app or member portal.