Send us what we need to process your claim

If you’ve received a message from us saying that your recent claim submission is missing documents, we probably need your pet’s medical records or the itemized invoice tied to your claim (we always require both). Here's how to make sure your claim is submitted correctly and ready for review.

1. Check your email

You should have received a message from a claims adjuster detailing what documents are still needed for your claim. Note, if you haven’t signed up for our app, this message would be received via paper mail.

2. Make sure your pets have medical records and paid itemized invoices

Vet paperwork can be confusing. There are two main types of paperwork: medical records and invoices. Your pet’s medical records are a report of their yearly wellness checkup, while the vet bill tied to your claim is an itemized invoice that shows payment.

3. Get your missing documents and submit them

If you don’t have the missing documents, call or email your vet and have them email you copies. Then, you can add those missing documents to your existing claim in your online account or our app. Do not open a new claim for these documents.

Once you submit the missing documents, we'll take a look and confirm we have what is needed. When we have everything, your claim will be processed in about 15 days. Get paid back fast by signing up for digital reimbursement with your debit card.