Everything we need to process your claim

To submit a claim, you need two types of documents: a finalized invoice and detailed medical records.

1. What is a finalized invoice?

An itemized bill from your vet showing what your pet was treated for and how much you were charged. An invoice has to show a zero balance or that it was paid in full in order for us to accept it.

2. What are detailed medical records?

Detailed medical records from your pet’s most recent checkup (a vet visit unrelated to your pet getting sick or hurt). If you're not sure if you have the right records, ask your vet for “SOAP notes.” The records you receive should include any exam notes and lab results.

NOTE: Medical records show us your pet’s medical history and let us see what we can cover, which allows us to process claims quickly. To keep your pet’s medical records current, you need to get them a checkup when you first sign up, then once every policy year after that.

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