Make sure you have the right documents

You need two things to submit a claim: your pet’s medical records and any invoices tied to your claim. Here’s a quick breakdown of each document and how to get them, so your submission process is smooth and easy.

Medical records

Your pet’s medical records are a report of their yearly wellness checkup (this includes exam notes, lab results and any medical information). It’s not the records of the treatment tied to your invoice.

All new members must provide 6 months (but 1-2 years is ideal) of medical history when submitting their first claim.

  • If your pet is less than 6 months old, this will be the records from their first vet visit.
  • If your pet is over 6 months old, please provide medical history from their most recent health exam, likely their yearly vet visit. If that yearly exam was longer than 6 months prior to your policy’s start date, you have 30 days to complete this exam to be considered for coverage.

All members who have been with us for more than a year, are required to take their pets to an annual visit to maintain coverage. Note, this yearly vet visit is not reimbursable. The documentation from that visit should be submitted with any new claim.


Your invoice is an itemized bill from your vet that shows proof of payment. It confirms the services and products you were charged during the vet visit tied to your claim — the respective costs should appear next to each item. The invoice must show a zero balance or that it was paid in full for us to accept it.

If you submit a claim without one of these two documents, we’ll send you an email to let you know. Note that processing your claim may be delayed.